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Compare Comparison Websites for Mortgages, Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Mobile, and more. All4Comparing - The website which lets you compare the comparison sites to get the best deals. The difference between the best and worst price for all our essential bills is staggering. Comparison Websites have helped tremendously but generally restrict your search to a handful of suppliers, so whilst all are very good, the best deal may not be visible on a particular site. It's possible with a few minutes work on the Internet on each bill, to save yourself several thousand pounds per year, just by hunting out the best deals on essential bills and purchases. Our mission is to make it easier by listing the best comparison sites together.

For a particular utility or service, (Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Mortgage, Credit Card etc) a popular comparison website may only have 50% of the potential suppliers listed. A rival site may also have 50% of the suppliers, but half are diiferent suppliers from the first comparison site, so by checking the both comparison websites, you've effectively checked 75% of the market. A third comparison website only checks 20% of the market, but it's a different range of suppliers than those listed on the first two comparison sites, so by checking a third site, we've now checked 95% of the market....

..... in less than ten minutes, and saved a fortune against what we were paying !

Consumers in control on comparison sites

Confidence in using comparison sites is growing, according to the latest research from ComparisonCheck, YouGov's quarterly survey of comparison site users. Find out more at The Retail Bulletin

Many companies profit from consumer apathy, relying on the fact that people won't actively make sure they've got the best deal.

How much money would you like extra in your pocket this year ?

Why not make a list of what you spend annually on your Mortgage, Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Broadband, Car Insurance, Home Insurance etc. (We found the easiest way is to download and print a bank statement), then spend half and hour using the tools on this website and write down the lowest you could be paying. This could be the biggest saving you've ever made !! We'll be very surprised if you don't put an extra 1,000 in your pocket this year if you switch to the lowest price suppliers, and some of you will make a much bigger saving.

Happy Hunting !!

NB We wrote this website to help us save money. Nothing written here should be construed as a recommendation for any product or service, nor is there any financial advice intended. We are simply providing easy links to comparison websites.

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